Try all 5 of our lip-smacking flavours in this specially crafted pack of 5. Try our Snack-on-the-go Olives straight out of the pack or pair them with your favourite food or beverage.



What’s life without a little bit of spice? Treat your taste buds to our Spicy chilli flavour that is sure to spice up your daily snack sessions. With just the right amount of all-natural chilli added to our juicy Halkidiki olives, this flavour ticks all the boxes when it comes to spicy indulgence. Have it straight out of the pouch or team it up with your favourite food or beverage. The opportunities are simply endless.

Chilli Garlic:

Some things in life are just better together. Like our Chilli Garlic flavoured Olives that strike the perfect balance of spiciness from both the Chilli and the Garlic to give you a unique punchy flavour that is sure to keep you coming back for more. Try them straight out of the pouch or pair them with your favourite food or beverage. We say do both!


What is with this aromatic herb that has won the hearts of millions all over the world? Our guess would be the earthy flavour with minty overtones that adds a unique bold flavour to a variety of foods. Naturally, we decided to pair our juicy Halkidiki olives with fresh oregano to bring to you a flavour that will sweep you off your feet, quite literally. Go ahead and try them straight out of the pack or flavour up your boring everyday meals. Just take our word for it.


Lip-smacking, mouthwatering, achari flavors meet juicy Halkidiki olives to create a flavor profile unlike any other! A tease for your taste buds, every bite will leave you craving for more. Refreshing lime with umami inducing olives – pair with your much-deserved drink after a long workday or to keep the mid meal hunger pangs; we wager you will keep wanting more!


We don’t think we can think of a more iconic duo! Tandoori, a must have at every restaurant had to be reimagined with olives. Smokey, rich, tandoori masalas with Halkidiki olives! The pride of Indian kitchens meets the star of Mediterranean. Have it neat! Straight from the pack or pair it with your favorite cheeses or better yet flavour up your daily snack fix. We know for sure; this is going to be your taste bud’s BFF!


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