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Kalamon Olives - Naturally Black

Kalamon Olives - Naturally Black

Naturally black olives are olives that ripen on the tree and turn dark in color through the natural process of maturation. There are several varieties of olives that naturally ripen to a deep purple or black color. One of the most famous examples is the Kalamon olive, which originates from Greece.  When this variety is grown in a specific region of Greece, they can carry the well known Kalamata name. 

These olives are typically left to fully ripen on the tree before being harvested. As they ripen, their green color gradually changes to shades of purple and black. The rich color is a result of the accumulation of pigments in the olive fruit during the ripening process. 

This gives the olives a complex flavor profile, often with fruity and slightly bitter notes, depending on the variety and growing conditions. They are typically cured similar to green olives before consumption, enhancing their flavor and texture.

Artificially black olives are green olives that have been treated with a chemical solution containing iron salts to darken their color. While they're more uniform in appearance, they tend to have a metallic taste and lack the complexity of flavor and texture found in naturally black olives.


Now you know a bit about naturally black olives, try our Kalamon olives today!!


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