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Do olives pair well with beer?

Beer & olives make a great combination

( Olives have a rich, savory flavor that pairs beautifully with the bitter, hoppy flavors of beer. The saltiness of the olives also helps to balance out the bitterness of the beer, creating a flavor profile that's both complex and satisfying -an awesome combination.  The chewy texture and bite of olives makes them the perfect complement to the crisp carbonation of beer.

And olives are just as versatile and varied as beer.  Whether you're enjoying a light and refreshing lager or a rich and full-bodied stout, there's an olive out there that can complement and enhance the flavor of your beer.

Some beers that pair well with olives include:

  • IPA (India Pale Ale): The hoppy and bitter flavors of an IPA can stand up to the salty and briny flavors of olives, creating a delicious contrast of flavors.  Try spicy marinated flavors like Chili, Chili Garlic.
  • Pilsner: The light and crisp flavors of a pilsner can help to cleanse the palate between bites of olives, allowing you to fully savor the flavors of both the beer and the snack.  Tangy or smoky marinated olives like our Tandoori and Achari stand out here.
  • Wheat beer: The fruity and spicy flavors of a wheat beer can provide a nice complement to the salty and savory flavors of olives.  The brightness of wheat beers allows for pairing with mildly flavored olives (like our Oregano or with the spicy flavored options.

Overall, if you enjoy both olives and beer, it's definitely worth trying them together to see how the flavors complement each other.

 And if you’re feeling curious about the photo at the start of the article, please welcome the Beertini!  Plunk a few olives into your tall glass of cold beer and enjoy.  Picture courtesy Sarah Baird.

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