The Story of Flavour


Sitting on our desks with hunger pangs looking at options that were filled with artificial ingredients let us to dreaming about delicious, natural foods. Gorgeous honey from the mountains & valley of the untouched Central Plateau of New Zealand. Crisp, sweet apples from the foothills of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. Sweet orange marmalade with a bite from the orchards of Seville in Spain. Juicy olives from the lush countryside by the Mediterranean Sea in Greece. Dreaming about all these wonderful tastes, and thinking about all the in-between times during the day we needed a delicious something to keep goingwe decided to create a range of food and beverages sourced from all around the world - Delicious, All Natural, Healthy - just as Nature made it.
Simple put the Flavour of Nature - FLAVURE

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